Halo Books In Possible Read Order

Great news on 13 march 2019 . The Master Chief series is coming to PC def , and on Steam no less as well as Microsoft Store, including Fall of Reach. WOW!

Halo is a video game with an extensive LORE . More than a video game it is also a Science Fiction novel series to rival the best in the Genre contributed to by an array of interesting Authors. For those of us who like to read (especially Science Fiction genre} , its a fabilous read. Below is the timeline or order of reading them. All of them tie in with each other aka the Halo Universe and are as they say - ripping yarns. The green by the way is the books I have bought and read,

Its also worth noting that there are available Graphic Novels and Comics associated with Halo Universe. I'll get into them once I get through the novels and update this post.

Sadly, the best [most] video games in the series is only on xbox. While there are some offerings on PC you have to have xbox for the guts of the series. Many have hoped and prayed that Microsoft would bring the Master Chief series over to PC but it hasnt happened yet. The belief is strong that the next 'INFINITE' will be on PC, not just xbox. 

  1. Cryptum by Greg Bear
  2. Primordium by Greg Bear 
  3. Silentium by Greg Bear 
  4. Broken Circle by John Shirley 
  5. Contact Harvest by Joseph Staten 
  6. Silent Storm by Troy Denning 
  7. The Cole Protocol by Tobias Buckell 
  8. The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund