ESO Solo Undaunted pledge run

Just recording this here so I have a record of a personal achievment. Today i ran an Elder Scrolls Online undaunted pledge solo and actually completed it. Soooo Pumped.

Details soon and some pics.



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Well, since that solo run I've done a few , wayrest sewers 1 and skyreach ? anf finished Orcreat  BUT .... TODAY ----- i solo ran Blessed Crucible and killed everything in it . I am soooo pumped and I have to admit I was buggered after it. I had tried sometime earlier to do this place and i couldnt get in the front door. The best part about it was that I used two bars and did rotations when I could. This is also the first one without a pet. Time to change the Necropotence stuff. Something new to go with the Mothers stuff. This game is bloody fantistic. 

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Have solo run now - Tempest Island on the 10th march and today ran two undaunted pledges - Darkshade Caverns 1 , those twins were a good fight , and didnt die . Only died with the secong Boss and that was because  I got stuck behind a pole so that was a bugger.

Also ran Crypt of hearts 1 but turned out I had already done than one for some other quest , but this time I killed everything with NO DEATH . Getting better bit by bit. Havent been using any pets so might have to get a more appropriate set than Necropotence. Research time . 

Oh also , I all crafting up to 50 , have my one nirnhoned trait, very close to having all traits except nirnhoned ( just waiting for the days to pass so I can research them ) Jewelry was the hardest to get them all but i have them now.